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Come join us on December 15 between 2 – 6 p.m. for our Make a Toy, Give a Toy – Holiday Toy Drive!

Children from the Richmond Hill and neighbouring communities are being invited to help build toys (with the technology and guidance of the summer camp), to be donated to families that need a little extra love this holiday season.

Each child (elf) will be doing two things: building a toy for themselves, and then gathering the necessary parts to make a “twin” of their toy. The toy itself is a laser cut “bot,” a shell that, with a few modifications, is able to accept functioning electronics that they can control and customize through coding. They will take a photo of their creation and package that photo, including the “twin” toy parts, and instructions. The “twin” of their toy is what will be donated.

Through this process the elves will be learning something much more valuable than skills of design—empathy—a huge value toward the positive growth of the youth in the community.

This is a drop in event, but we ask that all those planning to attend register, for free at: https://www.thesteamproject.ca/holiday-toy-drive