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Program Options | Gr. 9-10

Who Can Apply?

Our CIT Program is geared towards our oldest campers (completing grade 9 or 10)  who are interested in taking on a leadership role at camp. The CIT Program is meant to lead the transition from child and camper to young adult and staff member. The program is the perfect blend of experiencing the challenges of participating in staff responsibilities while at the same time enjoying the fun of being a camper.

As young and aspiring leaders, our CITs will experience the delicate balance of training, skill development, personal growth, and mentorship; combined with a unique camper role ensuring that the summer will be one of the best they experience. All CITs will receive a Certificate of Completion, professional references, and a Director’s review. The CIT training program is a great gateway to becoming a staff member, or as experience for future job opportunities. We often have job opportunities for students in Grade 10 who demonstrate leadership abilities and a passion for STEM.


Inspire Younger Campers

Be Part Of A Team

Gain Leadership & Experience

Develop Your Skills

Application Process

Step 1: Camp Application

Fill out the CIT application form here.

Select from the following sessions:

  • July Session (July 4 – July 29)
  • August Session (August 2 – August 26)
  • Full summer of fun and learning (July 4 – August 26)

Step 2: CIT Meeting

We will contact the CIT applicant during the first week of June to arrange a meeting. A virtual meeting option is available.

In the meeting, we will determine if the CIT applicant meets the selection criteria (as shown below)

Selection Criteria

What we look for when considering CIT program candidates

  • Ability to work in a cooperative environment with a general respect of fellow campers and staff
  • Capacity to follow policies and rules with a positive and flexible attitude
  • Activity and skill involvement, over energetic presence
  • A successful participation in our Senior Leaders program for Grade 8s.
  • Leadership potential (in general or through our Senior Leaders program)
  • Recognition by camp instructor, unit heads and directors of involvement in all aspects of our camp program.
  • Support of camp, and its philosophy.

Program Focus

  1. CITs work hands-on with our younger campers by assisting our counsellors with cabin groups, learning to deal with different social, adjustment, and general welfare issues.
  2. CITs will have an opportunity to lead lessons in different activity areas, developing their own skills, while learning to teach younger campers new skills.
  3. CITs are involved in general leadership training sessions presented by experienced camp leaders. These sessions focus on leadership theory and allow them to put it into practice when working with campers.
  4. Project Time: Part of the day is spent planning and developing their own project based on their interests and working with the tools and technology at camp. Training and mentorship will be provided by our instructors.

A Typical Day


In the morning, CITs stay with their assigned camper cabin and greet campers as they arrive at camp. They will then work closely with counsellors and instructors to deal with various camp issues and effectively work with campers, develop essential camper/counsellor relationships, and help complete projects with the kids. CITs may then choose to spend lunch time with their campers or with other CITs.


After the morning, CITs and their leadership coordinator will have an afternoon meet-up to focus on camper issues or challenges being experienced at camp and how to handle them, such as managing behaviours, group dynamics, conflict resolution, and time management. Then, they will then have time to develop their own skills while working alongside our instructors, assisting, teaching, and planning camp-wide events and/or working on their own personal project.


Fall Early Bird Pricing for Summer 2022


How do evaluations work?

Throughout the summer, staff will give the CIT coordinator feedback that will be reviewed with CITs regularly. At the end of the program, a final evaluation summary including the CIT coordinator’s observations will be available. This evaluation can be used as a reference when applying for future jobs.

Is there a 2-week CIT program?

We ask that all CITs make the commitment to the program for at least 2 sessions (4 weeks total) to receive a fair and full evaluation.

Can I come back as staff if I don’t do the CIT program?

It is very difficult to become a staff member immediately if you haven’t completed our CIT program as we give priority consideration for applications submitted by campers that have successfully completed the program the previous year.