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Program Options | Gr. 8

Who Can Apply?

The STEAM Project Senior Leaders program (for campers completing Grade 8 before the Summer)

Our Senior Leaders Program is a training program available to Senior campers completing grade 8. The program is for Senior campers who are interested in an additional leadership role in the camp by working alongside counsellors to lead younger age groups and help plan special events and projects. Those interested in this program will gain a greater sense of responsibility, independence and accomplishment through tasks such as organizing camp-wide events and working with and inspiring the younger kids. The program is also a transition from camper and learner to staff member/role model to aid them in their CIT year (grade 9) at The STEAM Project, or elsewhere in life. Senior leaders will still be involved in their age group’s regular activities and projects.

Senior campers who successfully complete the leadership program will receive a Senior Leaders Program Certificate of Completion, and an experience-filled summer of fun with our staff, other campers, and all of our technology and equipment. The Senior Leaders training program is a great gateway to our CIT program, available for campers completing Grade 9.

Application Process

Step 1: Camp Registration

Parents will complete a regular camp application process by selecting “Register” and then selecting the Senior leader’s program option once the session(s) has/have been chosen.

It is recommended that campers spend a least two consecutive sessions (4 weeks) with us, but it is not required to be part of the program.


Step 2: Senior Leader Application

Senior leaders will fill out an application form here.


Program Focus

Areas of focus for The STEAM Project Senior Leaders Program

Senior Leaders are involved in general leadership training sessions presented by experienced camp leaders. These sessions focus on leadership theory and allow them to put theory into practice when working with campers both in the cabin and during activities.

A Typical Day

Senior Leaders participate fully in the regular camp program but in addition, they have opportunities to lead other campers in games and challenges at various points throughout the day. They also receive additional training from our head staff in developing hands-on skills and leadership skills through various training activities.