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Program Options


What are Senior Leaders?

Our Senior Leaders Program (SLP) is for any Grade 8 student looking to have their first taste of a leadership role at camp and to work on the technical skills needed for our Counsellor In Training program (Grade 9) and beyond! Our Senior Leaders will get to work in leadership workshops and be placed in a cabin of campers alongside counsellors to get hands-on leadership experience with the opportunity to collaborate with fellow leaders and staff in organizing camp-wide events, i.e. escape room, scavenger hunt, and mini olympics.

In addition to leadership-focused activities and placements, the program offers technical skills workshops to explore and develop practical skills in 3D printing, woodworking, electronics, robotics, and vinyl. 

We partner with several community organizations so that our Senior Leaders can lead and participate in community initiatives (i.e. community garden, food drive, and retirement homes), allowing Senior Leaders to earn up to 10 volunteer hours towards their high school community service requirements. 

Senior Leaders who complete the leadership program will receive a Senior Leaders Program Certificate and set them up with the opportunity to join our CIT program next summer!

A Typical Day

Senior Leaders will participate in the leadership workshops in their placement, where they are mentored by an SLP coordinator and instructor and assist our younger campers with all the fun activities and projects. 

They will also partake in technical workshops to develop practical skills in 3D printing, woodworking, electronics, and other subjects and their leadership and technical skills through offsite field trips with fellow Senior Leaders!

Key Features

  • Organize camp-wide events with fellow Leaders and Head Staff
  • Assist younger campers with camp activities and projects 
  • Develop hands-on technical skills in 3D Design, woodworking, electronics, coding & robotics
  • Field Trips offsite (e.g. to other STEAM Project camp locations) 
  • Earn up to 10 volunteer hours for high school community service requirements 
  • Dedicated SLP Coordinator and SLP Instructor 
  • Senior Leaders Program Certificate

Summer Camp Cancellation Policy 2024

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Application Process

Step 1: Senior Leader Application

Senior leaders will fill out an application form here.

Please note the Senior Leader program is a 2-session (or 4 weeks) long. Campers attending the full Summer will select one month (July or August) to participate in the program. 

*It is mandatory that campers spend at least two consecutive sessions (4 weeks) with us to participate in the Senior Leaders program.*

Step 2: Senior Leader Meeting / Interview

  • We will contact senior leader applicants to arrange a virtual interview. In the interview, we will determine if the senior leader applicant meets the selection criteria for the program. 

Step 3: Senior Leader Registration

  • Senior Leaders accepted into the program will receive additional information on how to complete the registration for the program. 

“My favourite part of summer camp is mostly the people I meet here, but for activities, probably Open Activity! Open activity is where you get to choose what you do in the afternoon, and I just think it’s really cool to find your own interests.

I’ve learned leadership, because it’s Senior Leaders, but more specifically I’ve learned about organization and time management! We get to make activities for some of the kids to do, for example, my friend (who was also a Senior Leader) and I made an escape room for the campers!”

  • Chloe