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Program Options


What are Senior Leaders?

The STEAM Project’s Senior Leaders Program is a completely FREE additional program for campers completing grade 8 who are interested in an additional leadership role in the camp! By working alongside counsellors and being a role model for younger kids, leaders at the end of this program will gain a greater sense of responsibility, independence and accomplishment. 

Tasks range from inspiring our younger campers daily to organizing camp-wide events and special projects – this program is truly a transition from camper to role model! Senior leaders will still be involved in their age group’s regular activities and projects, and will still experience the same amazing summer every other camper does! 

Senior Leaders who successfully complete the leadership program will receive a Senior Leaders Program Certificate of Completion and sets them up to join our CIT program next summer.

A Typical Day

Senior Leaders still get to fully experience camp as a regular camper, but with additional program opportunities limited to Senior Leaders! Leadership opportunities, project planning and collaboration are all offered – as well as receiving additional training from our head staff, where they will get to develop further hands-on and technical skills through various training activities.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Organize camp-wide events with fellow Leaders and Upper Staff
  • Prepare and assist younger kids with projects
  • Lead various games and challenges and teach younger campers new skills
  • Attend leadership training and workshops
  • Interact and act as a role model for younger students

Application Process

Step 1: Senior Leader Application

Senior leaders will fill out an application form here.

Please note the Senior Leader Program is an additional option for campers during July OR August. Campers attending the full Summer will select one month (July OR August) to participate in the program. The other month will consist of regular camp programming!     

*It is mandatory that campers spend at least two consecutive sessions (4 weeks) with us to participate in the Senior Leaders program.*

Step 2: Camp Registration

After your application has been approved, parents will register for regular camp as normal and select the Senior leader’s program option once the session(s) has/have been chosen!