In a world of increasingly high demands for scientific and technological innovation, The STEAM Project encourages youth to use their skills to improve the lives of others through hands-on experiences with new and emerging technology while focusing on empathy and designing with purpose.

Our Mission:

  • To make children & teens think about the future, including new improvements and inventions to better the lives of others through a human-centered approach to thinking & creating.

  • Give innovative and inspired young people the opportunity to experiment in ways often unavailable at school with the technology often unavailable at home.

  • Create a specific environment where new ways of thinking, learning, and imagining are valued & celebrated.


Curiosity - Inventor’s Mindset - Leading Edge Skills

Stay Curious

  • Question the world around you; think alternatively and creatively.

  • Take in as much as you can of every opportunity and experiment.

  • Ask questions!

Develop Your Skills

  • Learn how to use tools and technology and practice hands-on building skills.

  • Apply original and innovative thinking. 

  • Ask yourself how you can help others.

Think Like an Inventor

  • Have a Growth Mindset.

  • Understand how other people think and feel differently.

  • Make mistakes and take risks, but do so with purpose.



The STEAM Project’s name comes from the acronym of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics: all of which are disciplines that campers will learn about and develop skills in as they relate to the projects we build and problems we solve. 

We believe that the best teaching and learning is done with passion, or when the work given or experiments done are done so with purpose. 
Our way of intersectional learning allows for students to explore the interactions between these disciplines as opposed to learning about them individually or during separate periods of the school day. 

As kids imagine, design, and create projects with us, they learn about and develop skills in these areas as they relate to projects we build and problems we solve. 

Important Update

Summer Sessions have been updated! In-person and virtual class options will be running this year

The STEAM Project
Summer Camp
Summer Lower Campus (JK-Gr. 4)
Richland Academy
11570 Yonge St.

Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3N7

Main Campus & Makerspace

561 Edward Ave. Unit 1

Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 9W6

P. (289) 819-0178

E. info@thesteamproject.ca