(grade 1/2)


(Grade 3/4)


(Grade 5-8)

At camp we offer different programming for different camper age groups so that the activities and projects are age appropriate. Additionally, we offer Enrichment Programs, a Senior Leaders Program, and a Counsellor in Training option for our oldest campers. 



As our youngest group of thinkers at the STEAM Project, Freshkids enjoy experiences that let their imaginations run wild. The higher staff to camper ratio for Freshkids ensures an all throughout high level of supervision, attention, and instruction as campers are introduced to basic tools and more hands-on projects. When hiring for this age group, patient, nurturing individuals are specifically chosen to encourage young campers to collaborate and think as a group, understand/respect the thoughts and ideas of others, be proud of their abilities and accomplishments, and overall, have fun.


SPROCKETS (grade 1-2)

At this age, it is important to have the opportunity to experience the complete process of experimenting wherein the ideas or the execution of them don’t turn out as expected. Our Sophomores are taught to develop resilience and ask questions to improve their situation through innovation, as we know that they are natural explorers who have many questions about the world around them. Fortunately, we have hired a group of staff and have designed a program that will help them find those answers. This means a program focused on increasingly complex and creative solutions to solve problems, learning how to use basic hand tools with purpose, and helping them respond to time management issues within the structure of the program.  


SOPHOMORES (grade 3-4)

There is a strong focus on collaboration and working towards shared goals with our Junior campers while also allowing them the much-needed opportunity to exercise their independence, leadership, and original thinking, which are values that are often lost in the typical structure of a school environment. This means that the program specifically encourages using our resources with other campers to discover the ways they can use their intelligence and creativity to contribute to society by analyzing issues and thinking of ways to improve them. Campers are also given the privilege of using more advanced tools to take on projects with a higher level of complexity and knowledge.


JUNIORS & SENIORS (grade 5-8)

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With high school approaching our older campers, Seniors are encouraged to translate their imagination into the real world by channeling their abstract thinking into solutions to real-world problems. Our Senior campers will have the opportunity to utilize the full extent of our equipment and technology as they are ready to work on more sophisticated projects that require their age group’s dedication, insight, and attention. This means allowing campers to advance their technical and creative capabilities to come into their own as tinkers and thinkers.




Each session we offer specialized enrichment programs intended for more advanced campers. These programs are limited to a small number of our Junior and/or Senior Campers (currently in grade 5 to 8).

CIT PROGRAM (grade 9/10)

Senior Leaders (grade 8)


Our Senior Leaders Program is a training program available to Senior campers interested in an additional leadership role in the camp while still being involved in their age group’s regular activities by working alongside counselors to lead younger age groups and help plan special events and projects.

Our CIT Program is a training program for Senior campers completing Grade 9 or 10 who are interested in learning how to be a counsellor and instructor at the STEAM project.

Important Update

Summer Sessions have been updated! In-person and virtual class options will be running this year

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