They're Saying


Sasha A.

Junior Maker

"I really loved the 3D pens, t-shirt making, and designing my own projects.  It was really fun learning about science and I can't wait to come back next year!"

Daniela l.


"Megan was excited each and every day when I picked her up. She was interested to know how things worked and couldn't wait to go back the next day for the new activities that were planned."



"This was the camp experience I've always wanted as a child, so it was very satisfying to see happy campers at the end of every day. Working at the STEAM Project has been one of the most exciting jobs I've had so far and it's definitely a special experience I will always remember."

HaitiAn ("Sky")


"There are so many cool gadgets and technology available for the campers to experiment with at the STEAM Project. The best part is teaching the campers the basics of the equipment and then watching them make creative and intricate things. Seeing the campers walk out everyday with a smile on their faces and projects in hand never failed to make my day."

I am the co-owner and director of Camp Manitou, a large summer camp located in Mckellar, Ont. And has been in operation since 1959.  We welcome hundreds of campers each summer from around the globe.

We were simply blown away by the STEAM program at Camp Manitou last summer.  It was our first summer trying this out and we could not have been happier with the outcome.  The program in fact was so successful that so many kids told other kids about it that it has a waitlist within days!  The type of work they did was leading edge, teaching children how to work with different mediums, and collaboratively within an environmentally friendly and high tech digital age.  

The program staff who came up to camp were exceptional as they not only had outstanding skills and types of skills that are hard to come by but also key people skills, emotional intelligence and a sense of positive values and integrity in terms of how they conducted themselves.   We hope we are fortunate to have this program return next summer, and the commitment and integrity of Jay Wengle and his team was world class.



Jeff Wilson


Manitou Canada

Important Update

Summer Sessions have been updated! In-person and virtual class options will be running this year

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