Session 1 : Powering Outer Space

June 29-July 10

Campers will develop skills that allow them to design and build electronics as they learn about and plan for life beyond our own planet. Like in all our sessions, campers will be using many age-appropriate hand tools, power tools, and digital fabrication tools such as 3D printers. This session especially focuses on learning about electricity and its uses. Campers will gain experience building and testing electrical circuits and embedding circuits into their projects. This session will give our senior campers an advantage when they reach high school as they will be learning the electrical concepts that are introduced in the Grade 9 Science Curriculum.


Session 2: Designing for the World and Beyond

July 13-24

Campers will learn how real-world architects, artists, and engineers see the world around us as they explore the principles of engineering and design to solve the various challenges prevalent in today’s world. This session, like our many others, is very hands-on, allowing for lots of designing and building: perfect for kids who love to make things or take them apart. Campers who love being creative or love the arts will also enjoy this session.


Session 3: Natural Wonders

July 27-August 7

In this session, our projects teach campers how scientists plan and carry out experiments and  learn from them. While campers are learning about physics, chemistry, and biology, they will also be using their hands and minds while making all kinds of projects and mini-experiments using the camp’s new tools and our technology. Whether they are learning to use our equipment for the first time, or they have attended previously, campers will be taught new skills or further their skills so they can make their ideas come to life.


Session 4: Maker Faire

August 10-21

This session is purely creative. Whether it is their first time at our camp or they have spent all summer with us, campers will have the opportunity to use camp tools to design and build their own toys, games, and artistic designs. For our summer-long campers it is an opportunity to get really creative and ambitious with all the skills they have learned to make truly exceptional projects.

Important Update

Summer Sessions have been updated! In-person and virtual class options will be running this year

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