Our Camp is Different

(and we value "different")

While many organizations offer recreational summer-time programs in either science or art, The STEAM Project has designed a summer camp that allows kids to explore the interactions between the nature of science, tech, engineering, art, and math in their own way though experiments and hands-on projects. 

Our camp is run by Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) who emphasize collaboration, innovation, and citizenship in a traditional summer camp environment without the limitations of the traditionally structured learning environment. The camp is focused on developing campers’ skills and thinking abilities while respecting their personal interests, ideas, and learning styles through activities that involve building projects with real-world connections and designing solutions to various local and global issues; and may even result in your child pursuing in design or in the STEM field itself. 

Our Staff are Different

(and we seek "different")

For the STEAM Team, we devised a staff with a diversity of experiences and thoughts to create a summer experience where your child’s activities can be supervised by a wide variety of personalities and thinkers. All of our instructors and counsellors have experience in the fields of medicine, computer engineering, design and architecture, general sciences, and/or education, and were chosen to create an environment that allows for children to feel a sense of belonging and have their ideas and differences valued by our staff.

Our Campers are Different

(and we respect "different")

Our summer camp gives campers the opportunity to try new things with equipment and materials typically unavailable to them without fearing the consequences that they might face in school. Individually, the campers who join are bright kids who are excited by creating, experimenting, designing, and learning. Collectively, they are an assorted bunch of thinkers and tinkers with varying interests, ways of thinking, and ways of communicating. The skills our campers learn, the people they meet, and the experiences they have only further their thinking and development overall.

Each Age Group is Different

(programs are designed to suit different age groups)

As kids develop, they can be challenged with learning more sophisticated concepts and skills. Each age group at our camp (Freshkids, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors/LITs) has different activities with increasing complexity and level of skill or thought. The strong emphasis our staff puts on promoting creativity and originality means that we look for every opportunity to allow kids the freedom to design/customize their own projects and translate them into the real world with the materials/equipment provided by the camp with respect to their age group and maturity. 

Each Session is Different

(campers can spend all summer with us)

Every session of our camp program has a different theme and includes different projects. Campers who attend the entire summer continue to learn new things and develop new skills all summer long. 

Every Year is Different

(campers can grow up with us)

We change our sessions and our projects from year to year and incorporate new technology and themes so that our returning campers always have new and exciting activities to look forward to.

Important Update

Summer Sessions have been updated! In-person and virtual class options will be running this year

The STEAM Project
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